KPN on First Place in the 2024 connect Mobile Network Test, Odido on First Place in the 2024 connect Fixed-Line Network Test in the Netherlands

Munich, February 27, 2024 – The media brand connect and the global infrastructure and independent benchmarking organization umlaut have tested the performance of mobile and fixed networks in the Netherlands. All analyzed providers demonstrated a high level of performance and were able to improve their scores compared to the previous year’s results. The 2024 connect Mobile Network Test and the 2024 connect Fixed-Line Network Test provide comprehensive insights into the users’ experience.

The 2024 connect Mobile Network Test Results

KPN is “Best in Test”, receiving the overall grade “outstanding” and scoring 987 out of 1,000 points possible – this is the highest score which connect and umlaut have awarded up to now. The operator leads in all categories – Voice, Data, Crowd and Reliability. In 5G, KPN shows very good coverage.

Odido ranks second with a score of 978 and the overall grade “outstanding”. In the Voice and Data categories, Odido achieves the second-strongest results. In the Reliability assessment within the Crowdsourcing category, Odido is on a par with KPN. In 5G, Odido shows particularly high data rates.

Vodafone is on a strong third place with 971 points, also achieving the overall grade “outstanding”. The operator manages to improve by eight points over its already strong result from the previous year. In the Crowdsourcing category, Vodafone is on par with second ranked Odido.

Hannes Ruegheimer, editor at connect, said: “Once again, the Netherlands set the standards, with all three operators analyzed showing an outstanding performance. Congratulations to KPN for winning the 2024 connect Mobile Network Test.”

The results are based on drive tests, walk tests and analyses of crowd-sourced data, conducted and collected in January 2024. Drive tests and walk tests took place in inner-city areas, outer metropolitan and suburban areas, smaller towns and cities along connecting highways. Two drive test cars traveled 16 cities and 14 towns covering 6,870 kilometers. The selected areas covered 5,98 million people, representing approximately 35% of the Netherlands’ population. The crowd-sourced analysis covers 1,077,432,103 samples from 105,840 users, representing approximately 99,6% of the built-up area of the Netherlands. The weighed results of all three measurements provide a realistic and conclusive assessment of each network’s performance.

The 2024 connect Fixed-Line Network Test Results

Odido is named “Best in Test” in the 2024 connect Fixed-Line Network Test with a score improvement of 26 points over its results from previous year’s test, reaching a total of 953 points and the overall grade “outstanding”. The operator leads in Upload Speed, but also achieves convincing results in all other assessment categories.

KPN came in second, just two score points behind the overall winner, with a score of 951 and the grade “outstanding”. The operator has the highest scores in all Latency categories. In the Reliability evaluation, KPN is ahead together with Ziggo.

Ziggo ranks third with 942 points and the overall grade “very good”. The operator leads in the Download Speed category and shares the top position in terms of Reliability with KPN.

“All three nationwide fixed-line operators in the Netherlands show strong performance. Congratulations to Odido for being awarded ‘Best in Test’ among the Dutch fixed network providers. The high scores for Stability achieved by all candidates show the high technological level of the Dutch fixed-line networks”, Hannes Ruegheimer states.

In addition to the nationwide assessment, connect also evaluated a category of regionally operating fixed-line providers. This differentiation is made because customers should be aware that the offerings of regional providers are available only in certain parts of the country. Also, it would be unfair to directly compare fixed- line operators that only serve a limited selection of very lucrative regions or provinces with others, that actually offer their services nationwide. In the Netherlands, only one operator fulfils umlaut’s requirements for statistical relevance: DELTA.

Thus, this operator obviously ranks first in the regional category, but achieves more points than the nationwide fixed-line operators: With 962 points, DELTA also shows “outstanding” results. umlaut‘s analyses show a high presence of DELTA lines in the provinces of Friesland, Gelderland, Noord-Brabant, Noord-Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht, Zeeland and Zuid-Holland.

The assessment of the Netherlands’ fixed-line operators is based on a crowd-sourced analysis of 72,341,451 data samples captured from 51,173 different connections between mid August 2023 and late January 2024.

connect’s independent mobile network tests, conducted by umlaut, provide a fair, transparent and neutral assessment and comparison of the networks’ capabilities to customers, management and supervisory boards of mobile network operators. The assessment was first conducted in Germany more than 20 years ago and has since been extended to Austria, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It has become the de-facto industry standard for customer-perceived network quality.

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