Silver Ocean Seltzer is hitting the slopes

Silver Ocean is hitting the slopes.
[Kreischberg, Austria] – [05-01-2023] – Silver Ocean Seltzer, a leading Dutch producer of premium alcoholic aperitifs, announced today that it will begin exporting its products to Austria.
Founded in 2020, Silver Ocean Seltzer has quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality ingredients and unique flavors. The brand’s success in the Netherlands has led to a demand for its products in international markets, and Austria will be the first new market to start with Silver Ocean Seltzer in 2023.
“We are thrilled to be expanding our reach to Austria,” said Lesley, Co-Founder of Silver Ocean Seltzer. “Our premium products have been a hit in the Netherlands, and we know from an early test last year that the Austrians are keen for Silver Ocean Seltzer. Succes is imminent”
The full range of Silver Ocean Seltzer flavors will be available in Austria, including Grapefruit, Guava & Cherry. The products will be distributed through Event Lokal Betriebges from our partner Christian Wolfsberger. Silver Ocean will be available in beautiful venues such as the @kastanienbar and @Eagle, starting in Kreischberg.
“This is an exciting time for Silver Ocean Seltzer,” said @Steven Kooistra. “We can’t wait to see how our brand is received in the cold and to explore new opportunities for international expansion in the future.”
For more information about Silver Ocean Seltzer, visit
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